Photo Contest



ELIGIBILITY: Photos of any designated National Recreation Trail are eligible

Check the online searchable database for a list of NRTs in your state and provide more information on individual trails. If you're not sure if a trail is an NRT, or if you have questions about the contest, email Entries will be displayed on the NRT website.

HOW TO ENTER the NRT photography contest

  • DEADLINE: December 15 each year
  • PHOTOS must be in digital JPEG or TIFF format. (Sorry, we can't accept prints or negatives, but you can use your scanner or have a photo shop scan them to make digital photos.)
  • Submit up to TEN photos per trail.
  • Make sure your photos are on designated National Recreation Trails
  • Please include the following information with your photos:
    1. Name of the NRT where photo(s) taken
    2. State and general location of trail
    3. Caption or brief description of the subject
    4. Your name
    5. Photographer's name, if different
    6. Organization, if any
    7. Mailing address
    8. Email
    9. Website address


1. You can email photos as attachments to if under 10 mb per email

2. Upload via an online site such as the following resources:

 These are free resources so long as you send one file at a time under 100 mb in size (HighTail has a limit up to 250mb).