Photo Contest Winners

The Trails 50 photo contest drew hundreds of entries from trail users across the country.  Photos were entered in four categories: The Beauty of Trails, Historic Trails, Multi-Use Trails, and Volunteerism.  In each of the categories there is a first, second, and third place winner based on public voting. Winning photos feature a wide variety of trails and trail users, and truly reflect the range of activities made possible by trails. We also have a grand prize winner, selected by a panel of judges.  Congratulations to all of our winners, and thank you to all of our entrants and voters!

All of our winners will receive prize packages courtesy of the American Hiking Society, American Trails, Back Country Horsemen of America, Partnership for the National Trails System, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, Eagle River Designs, and Crown Trails Headwear.


The grand prize goes to Ali Morgan for her beautiful photo of a work crew heading out along one of the most iconic places in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, the Chinese Wall, on the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. Ali’s photo will be featured on the cover of the next issue of the Partnership for the National Trails System's Pathways Across America print publication.


1st Place - Beauty of Trails

Fabiola Torres
Berryessa Peak trail is one of many trails at Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument in northern California.

1st Place - Historic Trails

Ethan Smith
The modern day Catawba River Greenway in Morganton, North Carolina, is designated as part of the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail. Shown here is a group of Revolutionary War re-enactors walking the historic route at the Catawba River Greenway used by American Patriots during the Revolutionary War.


1st Place - Multi-Use Trails

Kelsey Mader
After a day's foray along the North Country National Scenic Trail, two boys learn a bit about ecology while trying to net some minnows at the Bowman Lake campsites.

1st Place - Volunteerism

Tim Stewart
Tennessee Eastman Hiking and Canoeing Club Maintainers with 50,000+ of 200,000+ total volunteer hours (since 2001) after constructing the new Koonford Bridge in the Laurel Fork Gorge in Tennessee along the Appalachian National Scenic Trail.



2nd Place - Beauty of Trails

Steve Lutze
Hawksbil Crag Trail, Deer, Arkansas


2nd Place - Historic Trails

Thomas Vaughan
Commemorating the Victory of the Overmountain Men over British Major Ferguson at the Battle of Kings Mountain October 7, 1780. Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail.


2nd place - Multi-Use Trails

Stacey Steggert
Stacey's sons, age 3, enjoying the sights on the North Country National Scenic Trail on Lake Huron in St. Ignace, MI. Photo taken July, 2018.


2nd Place - Volunteerism

Jennifer Braun
Working on re-routing a trail, South Park Bison Ridge Trail, Pennsylvania.


3rd Place - Beauty of Trails

Michael Palko
While backpacking along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Trail, and the North Country National Scenic Trail, I had to stop and take in this incredible view of Grand Portal Point.


3rd Place - Volunteerism

Cliff Hardin
THANK YOU Volunteers! All your trail work makes hiking the CDT more enjoyable. Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, north of Monarch Pass, Colorado


3rd Place - TIE - Historic Trails

Jordan Thomas
Between 1841 and 1861 around a quarter of a million people traveled through Northern Nevada on the California Trail on their way to find wealth and a better life in California. Many places along the historic trail have been developed and no longer look as they did when the emigrants made their journey. However, there are many places in Nevada where the trail is still almost unchanged. Near Wells, Nevada it is possible to walk along the California National Historic Trail and imagine what the pioneers must have experienced 170 years ago. The blazing sun, intense heat, smothering dust and vast landscapes the emigrants wrote about in their journals are all available for us to experience today along the California National Historic Trail, Wells, Nevada.


3rd Place - Multi-Use Trails

Kevan Kelleher
Horseback riders, kayakers, and hikers cross Beaver Creek on the North Country National Scenic Trail, Beaver Creek State Park.  


3rd Place - TIE - Historic Trails

Mike Needham
Spring storm rapidly approaching on the California National Historic Trail.


3rd Place - TIE - Historic Trails

Henry Mayo
Kings, Presidents, Priests, Natives, Aliens and Outlaws have traveled this path over the past 300 years. Now, it is finally improved! Lobanillo Swales, Geneva, Texas, El Camino Real do los Tejas National Historic Trail