Event Hosting Guides

Hiking clubs, trail organizations, mountain biking groups, equestrians - everybody is encouraged to get more people outdoors and having fun on trails! Whether as part of a regularly scheduled event you already have planned or as part of a nationwide annual event such as National Trails Day, we encourage you to connect it with #FindYourTrail and the celebration of the National Trails System. 

We'd particularly encourage you to help make National Trails Day one of your organization's events. If you're not accustomed to hosting hikes, bike rides, education events, horseback rides, birding excursions, or any of the other myriad of fun trail activities, we'd like to show you just how simple it can be with a few of the hosting guides used for National Trails Day events. While geared towards National Trails Day, they can be used for any event that you're considering on whatever day. We just want to help you make sure that your event is safe, successful, and fun! 

quick hosting guide - just the essentials

This National Trails Day event guide is a quick checklist of things you may want to consider when hosting a trail event. Lots of options - you don't have to do everything. Keep it simple, keep it fun!

Expanded hosting guide - for the "detail people" among us

The expanded guide for event hosting contains a wealth of information. You don't have to read the whole thing, but scan the table of contents and go right to the answers you're looking for.

Guide - Planning a group hike

For those who would like to plan a group hike, here's a handy guide from American Hiking Society that should help your event gets off on the right foot.