The root of the National Trails System is the National Trails System Act of 1968 but its lifeblood is the volunteer force that annually puts its blood, sweat, and tears into the trails.  Volunteers from all over America and from all backgrounds help foster and steward the trails’ amazing experiences through their dedication, time, and hard work.  Volunteers work with local partners to build new trail segments, maintain existing trail segments, tell the story behind each of the Trails, and more.

The spirit of volunteerism was embedded into the National Trails System Act in SEC. 2. [16USC1241] (c)…

The Congress recognizes the valuable contributions that volunteers and private, nonprofit trail groups have made to the development and maintenance of the Nation's trails. In recognition of these contributions, it is further the purpose of this Act to encourage and assist volunteer citizen involvement in the planning, development, maintenance, and management, where appropriate, of trails.”  

Join this volunteer force in 2018 and help ensure these trails live on for future generations.  No matter your age, physical ability, or profession – there is a volunteer role for you. Learn more at the links below.